Niles-Simmons MC-Series Turn-Mills

The Niles-Simmons MC-Series are precision multi-axis, multipurpose CNC machining centers.

These modular turn-mills are engineered to machine a diverse variety of work pieces up to a 59 in. / 1500 mm swing diameter and a turning length exceeding 29 ft. / 9 m. Modeled after the service-proven Niles-Simmons N-Series slant bed lathes, the MC-Series achieves high accuracy at high cutting loads, all while delivering a long productive lifetime.

The cornerstone of the MC-Series’ success is efficient and reliable machining in a single set up. Customers utilize one machine to manage a range of applications instead of multiple smaller job-specific machines. Turning, milling, boring, drilling, and other machining process capabilities are all possible. Less work piece handling and set-up means decreased chance for operator error, inaccuracies due to multiple part transfers, and ultimately higher productivity.

The Niles-Simmons MC-Series is the right choice for manufacturers machining large parts with tight tolerance requirements. Contact Simmons today to find the right solution.

Niles-Simmons N30MC CNC turn-mill

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